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Australian club to save $100,000 over 5 years

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Suresense Technologies Limited are delighted to be appointed distributors for the class leading Eniscope – Real-time Energy Management System. Eniscope is designed and manufactured to the highest standards by Best Energy Saving Technology in the UK. Best market their solutions exclusively through appointed distributors.

By deploying Eniscope to track and monitor the energy consumption for a large leisure complex in Australia the client was able to identify and benefit from saving opportunities in excess of $100,000 over the first five years.

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Go West

Go West Tennis Club is part of a sports and entertainment venue located in Campbelltown, a southwestern suburb of Sydney. The club currently attracts around 40,000 club-going members per annum, offering a range of sporting, dining and entertainment facilities.

By monitoring the on-going energy consumption within the main 2,000sq/m club they had hoped to better understand their usage profile, and reveal any potential savings to be had.

Understanding the problem
It is only through the accurate measurement of current consumption patterns that savings can be identified and later financially quantified. This ensured that any further investment Go West made in energy saving technologies such as LED lighting or power quality control could be accurately assessed with very accurate and measurable returns on investment.

The client was introduced to the Suresense EnergyMaps process and six Eniscope meters were installed across two sites, including the Tennis Club, to initiate the ‘Control’ stage of the process.

During the initial assessment period, the Suresense Eniscope revealed daily trends at the Tennis Club in line with expectations for a typical club of its size, with the normal fit out of appliances; lighting, refrigeration, air conditioning and cooking equipment.

The sites main operating hours were shown to be 12 hours per day, across seven days a week, totalling around 84 operational hours each week.

The Suresense Eniscope provided detailed and accurate information on the electricity supply and power quality across all three phases of power supply, enabling EPA’s strategic partner in Power Factor to assess the benefit of installing Power Factor correction technology at the site.

The data collated showed a poor power quality, averaging 0.87. Power Factor is a measure of how effectively power is being utilised and is measured between one and zero – with one being the perfect score.

Power factor dictates how much electricity a retail energy provider supplies to a site. A poor power factor results in a need for more electricity to be delivered to a site. A good power factor requires less electricity to be delivered which directly results in cost savings for clients of this size.

They've got the power...
The poor power quality at the tennis club, revealed by the BEST Ensicope, was directly targeted by Power Factor correction technology. The result was a new average of 0.967 resulting in immediate savings for the client.

By measuring the power quality over the month following installation, and comparing it to the assessment period, it was possible to demonstrate the efficacy of the solution and the return on investment (ROI) of the technology.

Making use of BEST Eniscope Analytics, and the historical data recorded, Chris and his team were able to provide detailed comparisons and analysis. The analysis showed a saving of 293 kWh per day, resulting in a reduction of electrical load on the circuit of 20%+ . This added up to an annual cost saving of $18,000, providing a payback period of less than 2 years.

Factoring in conservative electricity price rises over the period, the forecasted accumulated savings over the first five years have been identified to be in excess of $100,000.

EPA is now actively monitoring data from nine BEST Eniscopes installed across four separate sites at the club. The client continues to work with Chris and the EPA team to identify further cost saving initiatives.

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