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Business energy efficiency and Suresense in Africa.

The pattern of energy consumption and availability probably varies more across the African continent than anywhere else on the globe.

Approximately 635 million* Africans do not have access to any electricity, with 63% suffering from an unreliable supply. Due to this situation it is often argued that Africa is even more in need to increase energy efficiency – particularly in the commercial sector.

Plus, increasing carbon emissions leading to climate change will affect Africa as severely, if not more so, than any other continent on Earth.

Spiralling energy costs affect Africa too and, together with an often-unreliable power supply, the cost makes it difficult for manufacturing and production businesses to grow and increase the continents prosperity.

Energy is a precious resource, and has to be appreciated as such. Wasting energy through inefficiency is as unacceptable as wasting clean water, this realisation is spreading across the continent, particularly amongst business owners.

Suresense products are helping many companies and organisations in Africa to measure, monitor and reduce their energy consumption and eliminate energy waste. 75% of the power generated in Africa is consumed by five countries; Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and particularly South Africa.

All of these countries are taking steps to improve their energy efficiency. South Africa, for example, in 2015 successfully completed the establishment of the Energy Efficiency Target Monitoring System to track the achievements of the 2005 targets. South Africa has so far achieved an economic wide energy efficiency improvement of 23.7% relative to the 2000 baseline – well beyond the 12% overall energy demand reduction that was committed to in 2005 through this Strategy.

Obviously Suresense knowledge and technology can play a vital role across Africa, helping the various nation’s drive to become more energy efficient. Plus, many of those in rural areas in developing countries can receive greater benefits through improved energy efficiency, improving consistency of supply, or allowing for expansion of the electricity infrastructure or more efficient use of renewables.

Energy consuming equipment in Africa, particularly motors, which have long working lives, but are often less efficient than their modern counterparts. Suresense Integra load-side dynamic motor controllers can bring these units up to modern energy efficiency standards, and at a far lower cost than replacement.

For more information about Suresense products and Eniscope Real-time energy monitoring please simply contact us.

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