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Business energy efficiency and Suresense in Asia

Asia contains many of the world’s fastest growing economies meaning improving energy efficiency is vital to the regions continuing success as an economic growth area.

Current estimates suggest that Asia’s energy demand will increase by at least 42% by 2035, compare that increase to the predicted 18% increase over the same period for the more mature energy consuming nations of the OECD.*

Asian energy consumption is significant, with China taking over as the world’s biggest consumer of power in 2011, India are listed third highest consumer and three other Asian countries placed in the top 10 of global energy consumers.**

The cost of this growth in terms of carbon emissions and climate change is unquestionable. Carbon emissions are more than three times their 1990 levels in China, India, Thailand and Malaysia with China and India, being particularly dependant on coal as a primary energy source.

Suresense solutions are being implemented throughout Asia, reducing energy waste and increasing the monitoring and control of energy consumption, which effectively reduces carbon emissions and energy costs without a negative impact on business productivity. Integra is now officially approved by the Chinese Government for installation on their China Oil Fields.

As the region is a net importer of energy, governments throughout Asia are committed to providing initiatives and guidance on where and how energy efficiency can be increased.

In perfect alignment with Suresense philosophy Asian government guidelines suggest that the first step is in measuring and monitoring energy consumption and, indeed, hundreds of Eniscope Real-time energy monitor installations have already taken place with many more in progress.

A potential energy crisis would affect all businesses in Asia; from manufacturing to tourism, from companies that sell to the rest of the world through to the convenience store on the corner.

Suresense products and solutions improve energy efficiency in motors and lighting and are already playing their part in allowing Asia to enjoy sustainable growth. As many Asian countries are amongst the world’s fastest growing economies, it is predicted to be one of the fastest growing markets for Suresense products and solutions.

For more information about Suresense products and Eniscope Real-time energy monitoring please simply contact us.

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