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Business energy efficiency and SureSense in Australasia.

Australia and New Zealand, in common with the rest of the world, are showing steadily increasing demands for energy.

New Zealand’s energy efficiency has been slowly improving and the latest figures show that about 34% of their increased demand for energy has been met by improvements in energy efficiency, mostly in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

Energy efficiency is particularly important to New Zealand’s growth as more than 82%* of the island’s electricity is generated by renewable energy, including hydro and geothermal. This is clean and sustainable energy but it is difficult and costly to increase output to cope with increased demand.

The Australian government is also strongly committed to promoting energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.

Currently Australia is a major net exporter of energy, consuming about one-third of the energy the country produces from natural reserves of coal, gas and uranium while exporting the rest.

However, the Australian government statistics indicate that total primary energy consumption is projected to grow by nearly 42% of todays use by 2050. The country could also be in a position of having to import all of its oil needs in the future as domestic reserves run out.

Australia is predicting the generating share from renewables will increase to 22% by 2020. This is quite a low percentage compared to other countries and hence adds a correspondingly high carbon footprint to its power mix.

Australia plan to reduce CO2 emissions by 26% to 28% below 2005 levels by 2020, and with businesses and institutions responsible for about four fifths of Australia’s carbon emissions, great efforts need to be taken over the next few years to hit the 2020 target.

Both the Australian government and Suresense know that energy efficiencies are possible and practical. The first steps are to accurately measure and monitor energy consumption and then use those findings to eliminate energy wastage.

The Australian government believes that energy can be used ‘smarter’ – that is, achieving the same business outcomes while using less energy to achieve them; a belief very similar to Suresense own philosophy.

Suresense are well placed in Australasia to provide businesses with the technologies and the knowledge to monitor and reduce energy consumption in many areas and installations.

Suresense has energy efficiency solutions that cover lighting and AC motors as well as the equipment to measure and monitor energy consumption accurately and in real time.

Australia and New Zealand have both taken a strong and forward-looking stance on energy and Suresense are committed to helping achieve the vision of a clean and sustainable energy future.

For more information about Suresense products and Eniscope Real-time energy monitoring please simply contact us.

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