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Business energy efficiency and Suresense in North America.

Until 2011, the United States was the world’s biggest consumer of electrical power. If you include Canada, the North American continent still consumes more power than anywhere else on Earth.

As one of the world’s most developed regions, North America was one of the first to grasp the importance of energy efficiency and with legislation and the support of business and government great improvements have and are being made.

In fact, in 2015 the United States energy-related carbon dioxide emissions were 12%* below the 2005 levels.

Suresense products have been utilised in North America for many years, providing businesses and institutions with the technology to monitor and reduce their energy costs and therefore to help combat climate change.

Over the past few years Climate Change has become the focus of many in North America after many dramatic climatic events, from drought through to violent storms and winds. These events have focused the minds of many decision makers to increase their efforts to improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Those businesses not investing in energy efficiency are not only being affected by uncertain energy costs, they are also in danger of having higher than normal energy consumption for their sector compared to many of their competitors who have acted to stop wasting energy.

The rising environmental consciousness of the public in North America has also motivated businesses and institutions to embrace the energy efficiency technologies that Suresense champions. The businesses that have adopted our solutions have not only benefitted from reduced energy bills, but also from an enhanced reputation with environmentally aware consumers.

The US government offer tax credits and utility rebates particularly for energy saving lighting systems such as Eluma and Atmos.

SURESESNSE has already seen North America commit to and benefit from a great number of energy efficiency projects, but as the region looks to produce more GDP for less energy consumption, we know that there is still a lot to achieve here.

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