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Business energy efficiency and Suresense in South America.

For the last few years, Latin America’s economies have been on an upward turn. Brazil is in the top ten of the world’s biggest economies, with Argentina and Mexico in the top 30.

This growth has a direct impact on energy consumption and carbon emissions and the region is quickly coming up to speed with the global drive towards energy efficiency.

Over the last decade net electricity consumption in South America & Central America has rapidly increased with around a 36% increase in primary energy consumption*. In 2015 Brazil were the 7th highest energy consuming country in the world, with their consumption currently increasing each year, they are also the 10th highest producer globally of CO2 emissions from fuel consumption.

South America has been very strong in the use of renewable power with Brazil, Venezuela, Colombia and Chile in the world’s top 10 for “Share of renewables in electricity production – including hydro power.”** But rather unusually, the percentage contribution that renewable energy sources make to the regions energy consumption has actually fallen since 2000.

Colombia and Venezuela are amongst several Latin American countries facing acute energy shortages, due to reliance on hydropower. El Niño and Climate Change have drastically reduced rainfall, and hence reducing power production.

In order to reduce carbon emissions and to ensure that their economic growth is not interrupted by uncertain energy supply and global energy prices, countries throughout the region are embarking on energy efficiency programs. This includes improved awareness of the need for the technologies and knowledge such as provided by Suresense.

For instance in Chile energy efficiency is important; indeed, it is the first pillar of the 2012 – 2030 National Energy Strategy, which adopts a goal of reducing Chile’s 2020 projected energy consumption by 12% – a goal also highlighted in the 2013 National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency.

In order for renewable energy to return to its position of pre-eminence in the South American power mix, businesses and institutions need to measure their energy usage accurately and eliminate energy waste. Eniscope supplied by Suresense is already proving to be a popular choice in Latin America.

Suresense load side products are capable of increasing energy efficiency in lighting and AC motors, that are used in so much of the regions manufacturing processes.

For more information about Suresense products and Eniscope Real-time energy monitoring please simply contact us.

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