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Business energy efficiency and Suresense in the UK.

The government’s Climate Change Committee’s ‘fifth carbon budget’ has been accepted and improving energy efficiency remains a key strategic objective in the UK post BREXIT. This means the total amount of greenhouse gases the UK will be allowed to emit in the 2028-30 period will be cut by 57% based on 1990 levels.

The UK government recognise that an energy efficiency strategy is fundamental to increasing the productivity and competitiveness of British industry, while reducing carbon emissions and achieving energy security.

Eluma and Atmos have been formally approved by the UK’s Carbon Trust and now benefit from a 30% Grant towards the total cost of installation which further justifies an already very attractive return on investment for client companies. Integra has recently been included as part of a Carbon Trust Grant as a total solution in a large manufacturing facility.

Despite the prospect of leaving the European Union the commitment of the government remains the same, former energy secretary Amber Judd confirmed: “Securing our energy supply, keeping bills low and building a low carbon energy infrastructure: the challenges remain the same. Our commitment also remains the same. In my view, for energy policy I don’t believe anything will change,”

Support, incentives and funding are available for this option to be effective and they are already having an impact. For instance, changes in the financial incentives schemes have seen solar power generation in the UK increase by 65%. Although it is true to say that the UK’s renewable source energy production lags sadly behind both the EU and global averages.

However, by increasing energy efficiency with products and technologies such as Suresense deliver, the relative contribution that renewable energy provides in the UK can be increased more quickly and more cost effectively than by many other forms of investment.

Suresense products and solutions that improve energy efficiency in motor driven production facilities alongside intelligent LED solutions can show an immediate improvement – that can be seen and measured by Eniscope technology – and will make the 2020 targets more achievable.

Against a background of rising energy costs, Suresense products also allow businesses to become more energy efficient and therefore more competitive in both the domestic and international market place.

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