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Eniscope reveals where up to 43% of your energy is wasted

Right now, up to 43% of your energy is going to waste.

This is a serious issue, every product we purchase and consume and every lifestyle and business choice we make has energy-related financial and environmental implications.

The cheapest unit of electricity is the one you don’t squander. But problems associated with the way we use, understand and pay for energy often makes eliminating waste easier said than done…

Did You Know Eniscope Can:

  • Eliminate Out Of Hours Waste
  • Expose Energy Abusing Equipment
  • Prove Savings & Change User Behaviour

How would you work out which 43% of your energy consumption is going to waste?

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The problem

Bills are simultaneously complex and simplistic

Although energy is consumed in simple ‘units’ of power (kWh), tariff charges can be very complicated and there are many other parameters that will likely affect how much you finally pay. In some cases 50% of the utility provider’s bill is for avoidable punitive charges like reactive power and maximum demand. At the same time, utility bills are too simplistic. Energy is consumed in real-time, but charged historically.

You typically get to find out what you’ve spent 30 days after you’ve spent it, when it’s too late to do anything about it. And when the bill finally arrives the information you receive is very crude. You get one cost for everything, making it impossible to work out exactly what you are spending your money on.

The problem

Occupants determine up to 50% of your consumption

Plug load, lighting and HVAC consumption is typically in the hands of building occupants. Add user operated machinery into the mix and it’s easy to see how human behavior can have a significant effect on energy consumption. However, occupants are typically unaware of the impact of their actions and without permanent, real-time feedback to inform, motivate and empower change, even the best energy saving awareness program is only likely to deliver temporary benefits.

The problem

Energy efficiency measures are typically hidden

Many organisations have made significant investments in energy saving and/or renewable technology, yet they often find it difficult to quantify the results. Without a verification tool, a drop in your power bill could just as easily be attributable to a change in temperature as it could to energy saving installation. In fact some energy saving devices installed on the wrong applications will actually increase consumption, and the user has little way of knowing.

The solution

Give your building an energy scope

Installing Eniscope, our Real-time Energy Monitoring System, in your building will allow you to see and understand exactly what is happening to your energy, as it happens. Putting your consumption ‘under the microscope’ makes previously invisible energy leaks, suddenly appear. Now you can see, in real-time, which parts of your building are using the most energy and which pieces of equipment are hogging the power. Up to 43% of your energy is currently going to waste, Eniscope gives you the power to uncover that waste and eliminate it.

The Eniscope hardware comprises a range of highly accurate energy meters that can be configured to the precise needs of your building, which includes reading the data from your existing gas and water meters. This information is gathered and relayed to local real-time displays and our intelligent energy analytics service in the cloud. Suddenly all of your energy information is available in one location, disaggregated and reinterpreted into a language you can understand, be it kW’s, carbon or cost. Information is power and Eniscope puts the power back in your control.

The solution

Information changes behaviour

Eniscope can power a range of beautiful real-time energy displays. It has been proven that instantaneous feedback educates, motivates and empowers building occupants to reduce their consumption because they can suddenly see the effects of their actions, for better or for worse. Since the people that use your facility get to decide what happens to up to 50% of your consumption, why not give them the real-time information they need to make better decisions about how that energy is used, or not used, as the case may be. After all, choosing to turn something off that doesn’t need to be on represents a 100% energy saving. Make it easier for your building occupants to make that choice and they won’t disappoint you.

The solution

Prove your savings, then share them

Eniscope removes the risk associated with investing in energy saving technology because it creates a transparent platform that will accurately reveal the efficacy of any given solution, verifying the products that work and exposing the ones that don’t. It will protect you against charlatans who make exaggerated energy saving claims and will provide welcome relief to genuine solution providers who often struggle to authenticate their excellent results.

How does it work?

Watch this video animation explaining why you need Eniscope, how it works and the benefits you are likely to experience.

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