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Multiple Site & Networks

Improving energy efficiency in a multi-site or network situation.

Increasing energy efficiency and eliminating energy waste across a number of disparate sites has a unique set of challenges.

Best practices and behaviours that are effective in one site need to be replicated elsewhere.

Load side products that reduce power demand in one environment may perform slightly differently in another situation and comparisons need to be made.

Staff and teams across the network need to be managed and motivated to retain their focus on improving energy efficiency.

Whether the remote sites are separated by hundreds of meters or hundreds of miles, SureSense has the technology to measure and monitor all the relevant energy data, upload it to the cloud and make it available for analysis anywhere that has an Internet connection.

The Eniscope cloud based platform provides both instantaneous real-time and analytic information via salient graphical displays that put you in control of your entire network’s energy costs and carbon footprint.

Eniscope can also power a range of real-time Energy Displays that can be installed across all of the sites to keep local management and staff informed and motivated as to their specific or relative energy efficiency.