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Energy efficiency in a retail environment.

Ways to manage energy costs and increase energy efficiency in a retail business.

If you own or manage a retail outlet or indeed a chain of retail businesses, then increasing the energy efficiency of your business will make a real difference to your bottom line.

Energy costs are generally fixed costs and therefore these outgoings stay fairly constant no matter the amount of trade that your business is doing.

From a financial perspective, reducing fixed costs will have a greater impact than reducing variable costs, which are to some extent covered by the increase in sales that generates them.

Effectively, using SureSense technology to save energy can make you money.

Increasing energy efficiency in a retail outlet.

In a typical retail building, lighting, cooling and heating will represent about 60% of your total energy use and therefore these should be the first areas to look at.

Lighting accounts for over 30% of the world’s entire electrical consumption and is a significant part of the retail businesses’ energy bill.

Obviously a retail environment needs to be lit but there are savings to be made.

SureSense LED lighting can replace almost all conventional or legacy lighting and show savings of 50% or more depending on the form of lighting that is being replaced. Well designed LED lighting can also improve the ambiance of a sales area.

Natural daylight is of course free and in some situations, SureSense Eluma can be installed to turn down the artificial lighting during hours of peak daylight so that less energy is used but the actual level of light remains the same.

Larger retail outlets may have responsibility for outdoor parking lots or even underground parking areas that need to be lit 24 hours a day. In either scenario, LED lighting can significantly reduce energy use.

Air conditioning

In regard to HVAC energy consumption reduction, SureSense ACES installs into each AC unit in 15 minutes and can reduce energy consumption by up to 30% per unit.

Installing reflective film inside existing windows can be a cost-effective option for reducing solar heat gain and so lowering the demand on AC units while still admitting useful visible light.


Refrigeration will play a key role in storing and preserving hotel food. SureSense CUES is a retrofit device that can show a return of up to 33% energy savings without compromising the effectiveness of the kitchen’s refrigerators.

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Monitoring energy efficiency in a retail chain

All of the above installations will increase energy efficiency in individual retail outlets.

For larger stores and retail chains, SureSense Eniscope allows you to monitor energy use in real time from one central location or indeed anywhere you have access to the internet.

Eniscope is a hardware and software package that allows you to monitor your energy consumption from a wide number of points and analyse that data. Information can be collected from different areas, departments or the individual outlets in your chain.

Eniscope Anaytics is a web-based, diagnostic tool that allows you to study your energy information in an intelligent way making it simpler to understand and therefore act upon.

Eniscope will also monitor your electricity supply and can be used to reduce peak demand and therefore avoid costly peak demand charges from the utilities company.

Studies in the retail sector have shown that continuously monitoring a building’s energy systems alone can lead to reductions of 10 to 15 percent in annual energy bills.

For more information, case studies or to locate your nearest SureSense distributor please simply contact us.