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Who we are

Suresense Technologies is a progressive company at the leading edge of energy management.

Our mission is to deliver innovative, sharply focused, ultra-clean technologies, which satisfy the urgent demands for reduced energy consumption in commerce and industry. With an enviable track record and a highly professional technical team, the company is now able to build on more than three decades of practical experience in providing intelligent control solutions… tackling head-on the root causes of climate change – and the unstoppable rise in the cost of energy.

Our Products

Energy efficiency is at the heart of everything we do. It’s the simplest, yet most powerful solution that we have against the climate crisis. Our products use the latest technology and intelligence to make energy efficient processes easier for businesses to utilise in each and every sector, without compromising productivity or profit. In fact, investing in energy efficiency offers the prospect of huge financial savings, especially as energy prices continue to grow.

We are pleased to offer a free survey after qualifying the customers need. This will include a relux & financial report.

Designed & Made In The UK

Our products are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom also our technical support is also delivered in the UK by our skilled team of designers and engineers. This allows us to deliver uncompromising levels of quality from our facility in one of the most beautiful parts of the country – Cornwall.

Meet Integra

Intelligent Fixed Speed Motor Control

Much like the way cruise control on a car will intelligently adjust the amount of power an engine produces to maintain a fixed speed, Integra can do the same for your motors. By converting the motor into its own load sensor, it ensures that only the exact amount of energy required to perform a task in real time, achieving savings of 10 – 40%.

Integra works in real time, never compromising productivity – and when needed, it can still draw maximum power in a 50th of a second. Implementing soft start to reduce wear and tear as well as peak demand penalties, Intega’s job is to cut your energy consumption – and costs.

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Meet Eluma

Powerful, cutting-edge intelligent LED lighting

No matter the sector or scale of your business, you are probably spending more on lighting than you may think. Inefficient lighting is one of the biggest contributors to excess energy bills – particularly if you are still using outdated technology like conventional incandescent bulbs.

Eluma is the solution to all of the problems caused by inefficient, outdated lighting. Initial installation can halve your energy bills simply by installing the latest LED technology. These bulbs also run cooler for longer, with an operating life in excess of 50,000 hours.

Eluma is intelligent, and the answer to poor user behaviour with a number of impressive sensors detecting occupancy, natural light levels, and more. 

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