About Us

Why Suresense Technologies?

Suresense is a progressive company at the leading edge of energy management. Our mission is to deliver innovative yet sharply focused ultra-clean technologies, which satisfy the urgent demands for reduced energy consumption in commerce and industry.

With an enviable track record and a highly professional technical team, the company is now able to build on more that three decades of practical experience in providing intelligent control solutions… tackling head-on the root causes of climate change – and the unstoppable rise in the cost of energy

Why Energy Efficiency?

“The world finally has a global climate agreement with both the US and China as formal parties. This signals a new era in global efforts to address climate change.”


“Focussing on energy efficiency will do more than protect the earth’s climate, it will make business and consumers richer”

Rocky Mountain Institute

“Energy efficiency is a global thematic megatrend. The world is facing a global energy crisis. Energy efficiency is the answer”

Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

People We Work With