Sports Halls

Suresense Eluma is designed to work in sports halls, there is a special application built into the Atmos sensors that will allow the user to choose three light levels, you may for example choose a lower level for practice, medium for games and high for upper level matches. When no players are present, the Eluma units will dim down after a programable time period, consuming minimal wattage and then simply switch off if the area continues to be empty.

The rising cost of electricity is a problem facing absolutely every sector, and unfortunately, this is unlikely to change any time soon. The Eluma intelligence can help greatly here optimising every watt per lux delivered.

The sports hall application will also give uniformity of light at the different output levels ensuring there is no unfairness in any match. The level selection is extremely simple once set up by Suresense Technologies lighting engineers, the user simply selects the hall or section of the hall and sets high, medium or low on the hand held selector. The handheld selector is wireless and will talk to all of the Eluma units in a predefined group, this can be the whole sports hall or part of.

Up to 95% of that lighting may be heat – which could be multiplying your bills

Conventional incandescent bulbs are slowly being phased out, but they still have a prevalent place on the market. And unless you’ve had an upgrade recently, this may still be the system used in your sports facility.

The problem with this type of lighting is that 95% of the energy being converted is used to heat, not light. Not only is this far more expensive, but in a building such as a sports facility, where optimum temperature must be maintained in order to provide a more comfortable experience, particularly for those participating in sports, you will be wasting further amounts of energy on additional air conditioning in response to the heat being generated by that light. 

Furthermore, one of the largest contributors to excess lighting costs is human behaviour. Conventional lighting is unintelligent; it can’t react to occupancy or natural light. So, if somebody forgets to turn off the lights, or adjust the level of illumination in response to the available level of natural light required, you’ll find your energy usage skyrocketing.

Inefficient, outdated lighting is costing thousands of businesses – but it leaves its mark on the planet, too, at a time where it really is pivotal for us to be proactive in terms of sustainability.

Eluma can reduce your lighting costs by a dramatic 80-90%

Meet Eluma. A cool, innovative solution to inefficient and outdated lighting.

The initial installation of Eluma alone can reduce your energy costs by up to 50% – just by replacing your old bulbs with the latest LED technology. In addition, these bulbs have an operating life of over 50,000 hours, promising reduced maintenance and replacement costs in the future. Remember that issue with the air conditioning that we mentioned? Eluma is the solution for this too, taking the strain off of this system and allowing a saving of more than 5% just in cooling costs.

We believe that intelligent lighting is very much the future. With Eluma, human error is a thing of the past. With occupancy sensors to automatically switch off applicable lights when no occupancy is dedicated, and Daylight Harvesting tools to switch off or automatically adjust their brightness in concordance with the level of natural daylight detected, no energy that is not required is used. This means further savings, without having to add to the daily workload of your employees, who have more than enough to do.

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