Advanced Lighting Controllers

Atmos Delivers A New Level Of Intelligence To High Bay And Low-Level Lighting Schemes

Atmos Can Provide An Additional 30% Energy Saving Over Standard LED Installations.

On any new energy efficient High-Bay lighting scheme… performance can be further enhanced through the application of Atmos technology. By incorporating Atmos, it means that each luminaire will have its own highly configurable intelligent sensor that not only monitors and reacts to occupancy through passive Infra-red, but also responds to ambient light changes.

Did You Know Atmos:
  • Is easy to incorporate into most OEM applications
  • Will deliver a vital 20% additional energy savings
  • Provides a USP for OEM applications
  • Is Best in Class on the global market
  • Delivers phenomenal levels of control

Atmos Is The Solution

The Problem

People are the biggest variable when it comes to reducing energy lighting costs, especially when they continually fail to turn light off…

Efforts to combat this by using things like basic timers or occupancy sensors are all too often flawed, especially with High-Bay applications as the sensors give inconsistent results… having to wave your arms about to get the light to come on is frustrating to say the least. When timers go out of sync they get overridden.

Furthermore there is no easy way to compensate for variations in natural ambient light during the course of a day.

The Solution

Atmos is the most advanced lighting control available today.

When designing a new lighting scheme for your clients; the performance of your solution is further enhanced through each luminaire having its own highly configurable intelligent wireless sensor that not only monitors and reacts to occupancy through Passive Infra-red, but also responds to subtle variations in ambient light.

In 90% of all installations, our customers have experienced savings between 70 – 80% of and very typically see paybacks on their investment of between 1- 2 years

Download Specifications

You can download specifications for our ATMOS sensor on the link below. If you have any questions which are not covered by the document, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

ATMOS Specifications

To save up to 20% on your lighting costs with Atmos: Contact Us