Every year, the cost of energy is rising exponentially. This is a particular challenge for the Manufacturing Industry - a global giant responsible for feeding into every other sector.


And since so many aspects of manufacturing are reliant on high-consumption machinery, this problem is only going to become more of a challenge. Businesses within the Manufacturing Industry all over the world need to get ahead of the game and devise a plan to cut down on their energy consumption. It all starts by learning exactly where that energy is going, and for Manufacturing companies, there’s one consistently large consumer.

UK's Energy Consumption
The Industrial & Manufacturing sector accounted for 16% of the UK’s energy consumption in 2019
Almost 70%
Electricity Used
Motors consume almost 70% of the electricity used in Manufacturing
Estimated 10
Million Factories

Almost 70% of the electricity used by Manufacturing companies is consumed by motors

That’s a big number, and that means that most businesses would benefit from optimising the motors that they are using. Yet the majority continue to use the outdated technology which feeds into this statistic, and month-on-month, they are paying the price. This is the case all over the world, despite the fact that a large amount of the tools and machinery used for manufacturing practices rely on electric motor usage; compressors, pumps, fans, mixers, moulders are just a few of the examples, and there are many more.

There are an estimated 10 million factories in the world. If each is using a wide range of equipment dependent on electric motors, then the financial and environmental repercussions of excess energy consumption will be infinite.

Integra can save up to 40% of your motor running costs

Integra is our innovative solution to the problems posed by motor usage in manufacturing. The trouble with motors is that, historically, there has been no way of configuring the amount of energy drawn in comparison to the amount of energy that is actually required – much less automatically or intelligently. This means that motors draw far larger amounts of energy than they actually need to complete a task. Where does that leftover energy go? Nowhere. It’s wasted. So more must be produced, and the cycle continues.

Integra has energy efficiency at its heart. Working a little like cruise control does on a car, Integra converts the motor into its own load sensor, and ensures it only uses the precise amount of energy required to complete a task. It does this in an instant, in real time, meaning there is no decrease in the efficiency of standard workflow – something we understand as vital in the busy dynamic of a modern factory. Soft start features carry the added bonus of reducing wear and tear, and avoiding the threat of peak demand penalties.

Integra can save you up to 40% of something that may well be the bulk of your energy bill – it’s time to find out more.


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