Case Study
6-8 Months

Millpac is a family owned company, specialising in injection and extrusion moulding. They process a variety of materials, which include but are not limited to, Polypropylene (HPPP, RCPP & CPPP), Polyethylene

(LDPE & HDPE), Nylon (PA66), TPE, EVA, and PVC. Operating from a 50,000 sq ft site in Exeter, they have over 30 injection moulding machines, 2 extrusion lines for flexible profiles and 1 extrusion line for rigid profile.

Millpac production runs 24h a day and all the excess plastic that is accumulated during the part making process is re-granulated so the plastic can be recycled, these Granulators can be left idling for hours with no produce going through. This is where Suresense stepped in to help optimise the amount of energy used, 8 Integra units were fitted to the 8 granulators.

  • Provide a smooth mechanical start.
  • Save energy when the Granulators were running.
  • Intelligently Switch the Granulators On and Off.
  • If the Granulators are sat idling for a period of time the Integra units simply switch them off.
  • The Integra units will then keep the motors off until and operator is detected.