Case Study
Par-Pak Granulators
Savings Gained
6 Months

Par-Pak has 2 large granulators installed on its site in Milton Keynes, as is the normal situation in a plastics factory, the granulators were generally left running and never switched off. The granulators recycle the plastic film which is left over from the process of making plastic food containers.

It’s also a space saving exercise to reduce the size of the excess plastic reels, this has a price tag in machine operating time. The integra units reduce the running cost as well as switching the granulators off after 8 min of inactivity.

The Feeding conveyors are also switched off to save energy and also to prevent the granulators being feed accidentally when not running. The Granulators and Conveyor belts are then automatically switched back on when a new reel is put on the Conveyor belt. Suresense is saving 75%+ on these granulators.

Key Benefits

Integra Softstarts the granulator, reducing mechanical wear and tear + reduces peak demand.

Through the Loading cycle, the Integra unit will reduce the energy consumed by the granulator.

When the granulator is left running waiting for more product, the Integra unit will automatically detect for this and switch the granulator off.

ROI – 6 Months
Return On Investment

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