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SW Galvanizers Wedge Group


Tons of Carbon
Savings kWh

The Brief

S.W Galvanizers are part of the Wedge Group a multi-site UK hot dip galvanizing specialist, the brief seemed fairly straight forward, they run pretty much 24-7, so our Intelligent Sensor Controlled LED was the perfect solution.

The main problem was that historically none of the previous lighting had stood the test of time, due to the highly corrosive acidic atmosphere slowly corroding and breaking down the inner workings and hanging clips of any lighting within the galvanizing area.

The Solution

Suresense consulted with the Technical Director at the Wedge Group who supplied us with a criteria to minimise the corrosion risks, we then re-designed our lights to fall in line with the parameters supplied. Suresense created a production manual for the new corrosive resistant LED light which was signed off by the Wedge Group.

We have now successfully installed our Intelligent LED lighting at 2 of the Wedge Group sites and will be doing a third one in the near future.


  • The night shift staff have noticed a massive difference in the light levels which remains the same throughout.
  • There was a certain amount scepticism when we announced we were going to install an ’Intelligent LED Lighting System’ as staff had seen a few lighting systems come and go but, everyone has been surprised by how well it works.
  • It saves time knowing you can just leave without having to worry about switching all the lights off.
  • There has been a significant drop in their operating costs.
Operational Benefits
  • Designed to last 11+ years, giving huge maintenance benefits
  • Ensure Health & Safety Compliance
  • Every Lux delivered is optimised to the Max

Key Benefits

11+ Operation


‘Is anyone in the area?’

Too much light – do they need to be on?

ROI – 24 Months
Return On Investment

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